About Us

Sweet International Transport Ltd is a transport and logistics company based in North Yorkshire – Skipton
We provide transport to our clients throughout the UK and Europe.

About us

The company its started on 1 September 2015 years in London by two managers with a view to conquering the transport market in the UK

how did it start …

This is how it started very long ago, the current manager has gained qualifications to practice 2008 this year, he has been helping to provide forwarding services for the C.Hartwig company with headquarters in Poland, gaining experience in road, sea and rail freight.

In the following years, as a subcontractor, he assisted in the distribution of shipments for the now defunct Opek, which was bought by Fedex.

The subsequent years of the manager’s activity mainly focused on cooperation with large logistics companies in the distribution of parcels in Europe, in particular Germany, Belgium, the Netherland, France, Switzerland, Italy.

Returning to 2015, the company undertook transport orders until 2016 in mainly the countries of France, the Netherland , Belgium, Germany only the turn of 2017-2018 allowed the company to gain more customers in the UK and carry out orders for them within the country, thereby gaining the appropriate trust and renome.

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